Content creator carol Sonnie has flaunted on social media what seems to be her engagement ring.

In a video, the mother of one showed off the ring, while holding a bouquet of flowers 

“Wacha pia nisambaratishe,” she captioned her video.


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Although she hasn’t come out to deny or accept the rumors, netizens are speculating that she has finally found a stable relationship.

Earlier this year the mother of one soft launched her man carol shared a video on her social media where she strongly hinted that she was dating.

Using a popular TikTok challenge, she displayed 2 cards with one option having an iPhone 15 and the second option of a second born.

Sonnie who currently has an iPhone seven then asked fans what they would pick. “Wewe ungepick gani,” she posed.
On her Instagram stories as well, Sonnie showed off a tall light-skinned man, walking with him.

“Hey babe watu wamesema wanataka harusi sasa,” she teased.

When asked why she hasn’t face revealed her man in a previous video, Carol responded by saying that the day she decides to make her relationship public the whole world would come to a stop.

“Mpoa wangu anakuanga tu hapa each and every time ni venye tu hataki kuonekana kwa camera but let me tell you the day I will decided to introduce my mpoa, mhhh dunia itasimama wacha venye munasema hapa ruracio sijui nini nini. Yetu itasimamisha dunia,” Sonnie said.

Carol Sonnie has in the past engaged in heated arguments online many saying she is jealous of Ruth K and Mulamah other getting to the point of calling her bitter .However Sonie has continuously refuted such claims making it evident online that she has moved on with her life and she is happy and healed.

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