Eddie Butita

Kenyan comedian and actor Eddie Butita received critics from netizens after SPM buzz posted on their page doing an interview with the president.

The caption read; Interview Up Next on SPM BUZZ… Is the Government ready for the truth? When does action start. Which way forward? Leteni maswali

On April 15th, 2021, Butita announced the launch of his media company, SPM Buzz, in a video that he posted to his Instagram feed.

Through his X account, Butita decided to explain why the interview took place after many people sent him the video on his inbox.

“This is an interview just like the rest. These are different journalists from various digital media outlets. Is there a problem? Hakuna! You can’t bring down youths in the name of fighting for youths double speak at its peak. SPM BUZZ was present, as well as Tuko, Kenyans, Uliza Link, among others. I see no issue with digital media entities conducting interviews just like mainstream outlets”Butita wrote

The influential entertainer recently faced criticism for not publicly stating his position on the Finance Bill 2024.

Butita’s reluctance to comment on the Finance Bill had not gone unnoticed and many people especially Gen Zs wanted to know if he was with them in rejecting the finance bill.

Critics urged him to make his stance clear, emphasizing the importance of aligning with his audience’s concerns.

In response to this pressure, Butita released a statement that left no room for ambiguity. In his statement he made his stand on rejecting the controversial finance bill 2024.

“All said and done, it’s time to publicly make my position official,” he wrote. “I, Eddie Butita, #RejectFinanceBill 2024. It is time to listen. We cannot be all wrong.”

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