Renowned comedian and content creator Eddie Butita has officially rejected the Finance Bill 2024, following a wave of criticism because of his prior silence on the matter.

The influential entertainer, known for his sharp wit and significant social media presence, wrote a lengthy message on his stand on the matter, heeding the demands of his audience and critics.

Butita’s reluctance to comment on the Finance Bill had not gone unnoticed and many people especially Gen Zs wanted to know if he was with them in rejecting the finance bill.

Critics urged him to make his stance clear, emphasizing the importance of aligning with his audience’s concerns.

“The future of your creative works is in your audience. Listen to your audience. Go to YouTube and create a 10-minute promo that rejects the finance bill. Change or perish,” he was warned.

In response to this pressure, Butita released a statement that left no room for ambiguity. In his statement he made his stand on rejecting the controversial finance bill 2024.

“All said and done, it’s time to publicly make my position official,” he wrote. “I, Eddie Butita, #RejectFinanceBill 2024. It is time to listen. We cannot be all wrong.”

Butita elaborated on his position, highlighting his concerns about the bill’s implications and how he wanted only what was best for his family, friends and countrymates.

“The Finance Bill as it stands, is not okay. I want the best for my countrymates, family, friends, and colleagues,” he stated.

To further show his commitment, Butita called on the  generation Z for support in choosing the most suitable T-shirt.

“Haya Gen Z, nitafutieni t-shirt Kali nireport Kwa ofisi,” he said, showing his seriousness and willingness to join the protest.

Eddie Butita’s public rejection of the Finance Bill 2024 marks a significant moment in the ongoing debate, as more public figures are urged to use their platforms to address critical national issues.


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