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Content creator Dzaddy Amore is one of the people in the limelight who have been involved inmessy break up.

First he dated Keranta, who is Flaqo’s girlfriend(although the fate of the relationship is yet to be known)

The relationship, that was admired by many,  ended bitterly with Dzaddy Amore revealing that Keranta was cheating on him.

After ending things with Keranta, he got into a relationship with Fao Shishi, a shy content creator but the relationship didn’t live to see a year as it ended just within months.

Fao Shishi accused Amore of being unfaithful.

“I’ve been cheated on multiple times, I’d say more than 7 times. Chats, girls texting me and all,” said Fao Shyshy revealed .

According to Fao, she holds the belief that men often enter women’s lives solely for their selfish gains, only to walk away once they have achieved their objectives.

Both Keranta and Fao are deemed successful after partying ways with Dzaddy.  In a recent interview with presenter Stanley, Dzaddy Amore refused claims that his exes gain more popularity after they break up with him unlike when in a relationship with him.

“Si watu hukosana tu yaani kuendelea inamaanisha unajua saa ulikuwa na yeye ulikuwa umemfungia mahali saa mkiachana unajua anablossom   anaeza enda anywhere anataka kufanya mambo yake so aki pursue hiyo already ako na watu wanafollow saa unapata yeye amekuwa jina kubwa na mimi sina shida na hio, kama ni fiti ,” He said.

He also added that sometimes it’s just normal to end relationship if your personalities and goals change further stated that when a relationship ends it ends .

Dzaddy Amore proceeded to add that he is currently dating someone but he is refraining from posting them on social media .

“Eee sahii niko kwa relationship lakini unjua sahii hakuna ile kupostiana sana eti ile kumueka kwa matandao nini nini ,”.He added.

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