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Reggae DJ Kris Darlin has come under fire for making an offensive remark about people mourning the passing of media icon Jahmby Koikai.

DJ Kris Darlin ridiculed people who shared pictures of themselves with Jahmby on Instagram on Tuesday, just hours after the news of her passing circulated on social media.

He claims that the individuals who posted pictures of her following her passing last Friday did not display the same enthusiasm as they did when she made a blood donation request.

” It is now time to post pics with the departed, but when she asked and needed blood donations and help, nobody posted pics,” the DJ posted.


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Some of his fans, who include celebrities and other DJs, took offense at the statement, criticizing him for being “insensitive.”

Among those criticizing the DJ was Njugush, who asserted that Kris Darlin made the late Jahmby’s  life intolerable.

” You should be the last to speak. You know what you put her through,” Njugush stated.

Sadly, Jahmby passed suddenly on Monday night while `at the Nairobi Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

The renowned media figure, a gifted reggae MC, courageous fighter against endometriosis, and radio host, will deeply be missed.

Koikai had been suffering from endometriosis, a chronic illness that causes tissue that resembles the lining of the uterus to develop outside of it.

The ailment causes excruciating pain and other difficulties that have had a big impact on her life and work.

As a result of her struggle, Koikai bravely shared her story on social media to increase awareness of endometriosis and developed into a ferocious champion for women’s health.

Many were moved by her story, and she turned into a ray of hope for people who were dealing with the illness.

Through her advocacy activities, Koikai brought attention to the need for improved medical treatment and assistance for Kenyan women who are endometriosis patients.

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