Mungai Eve

Director Trevor has eventually confirmed that he is no longer involved with renown YouTube content creator Mungai Eve.

On Monday, Trevor revealed that he had rebranded the social media that he concurrently run with Mungai which include 2 YouTube accounts and Facebook. The main YouTube account and Facebook account were under Mungai Eve name while the other YouTube account was named Insta Fame.

Insta Fame might continue holding the name but the other accounts have been renamed to Kenya Online Media.

“No! her services are no longer needed in the following platforms; YouTube-754K subscribers, Insta Fame- 104K subscribers, Face-847K followers,” Trevor told a fan who wanted to know if he will continue working with Mungai after the rebranding.

Kenyans who appreciate Mungai have however cocked their guns towards Trevor, blasting him for the step.

Some have told him off saying that Mungai’s face and voice was the brand and that she will do well if she launches her own accounts. Others have since threatened to unsubscribe from the social media channels as they wait for Mungai’s next move. Here are some of the mixed reactions from the development;

George Maiyo: Eve Mungai ameenda na brand, Director Trevor ameenda na social media platforms. It is a WIN WIN situation.

Naomi Waithira: I would rather be a BRAND that have a channel. Eve Mungai has WON. Afungue channel and grow it, in 1 year she will be somewhere winning.

The Trendy Mood: Eve will manage to retain her followers but Trevor will eventually loose the war.

Prokuzu: Kitu isiwahi kudanganya udanganye mapenzi na biashara you will see dust.

I am Grace: Walai Kenyans, this can’t go like that to our daughter Eve Mungai, lets unsubscribe the channels

David Mwangi: This one was seated on the front seat during Men’s conference.

Mungai Eve is however currently out of the country on a vacation. In her Instagram page that boasts of 654K followers, she revealed that she is in Zanzibar

“I always wanted to do solo vacations and am so happy Bonfire Adventures is making it happen,” she said


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