In a recent X Space event held on Friday, July 5, President William Ruto engaged with Kenyan youth, leading to a lot of discussions and feedback online.

Charlene Ruto, the President’s daughter, took to the platform to gauge public opinions, asking, “If you listened to #EngageThePresident on X, I am interested to know your thoughts.”

Responses poured in, reflecting a range of opinions. One user wrote that the President could do more, to which Charlene responded, “And he will… let us walk this journey together and continuously openly share with him. Remember we are one nation. His success means our success.”

Another participant said that these sessions should occur more frequently, suggesting quarterly meetings to foster a sense of being heard. Charlene echoed this thoughts, writing,

“I am so glad that you felt heard in a way, I also believe continuous engagement is important.”

Among the more comments was a suggestion to buy the President a phone tripod for his desk. Charlene responded, “Usijali ntamsort,” indicating she would ensure her father gets one.

The X Space engagement followed a period of significant unrest among the youth, particularly those dubbed Gen Zs, who had been protesting against the controversial finance bill and the corruption in government.

The government’s response, which included the withdrawal of the bill, has now pivoted towards increased dialogue with the younger generation.

Charlene Ruto’s interaction on X shows an effort to bridge the gap between the government and the youth, fostering a culture of open communication and mutual understanding.

However, the public had the following to say about these reactions suggesting that they are fake or people were paid to respond.

“I swear to God those are pseudo accounts. Wdym (what do you mean) we have a listening president? Mtoto ni mwongo kama baba yake.”

“She never posted my negative comment nikimwambia watuondokee state house why nilimtusi glad alisoma.”

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