Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has urged young people not to be mobilized by fellow Kenyans living in diaspora to go to the streets, following the ongoing nationwide protests, after the President agreed to engage the youths of the nation.

Didmus was among those MPs who voted yes to the unpopular Finance Bill 2024, which saw Kenyans from different parts of the country take to streets in protests.

On a long recent tweet, Didmus revealed that the rallying calls by people from the diaspora and few here in Kenya are in business of minting money from NGOs.

“We cannot as young people be mobilized by our fellow Kenyans living in diaspora to go to the streets at this time when our President William Samoei Ruto has agreed to engage the youths of our Nation”Didmus wrote.

“This rallying calls by people from the diaspora and few here in Kenya who are in bussiness of minting money from NGOs like Boniface Mwangi to the detriment of those who have and may loose their lives, those who will be imprisoned because such demonstrations attracts criminals who echelon through with an aim of looting shops and or engage in all manner of criminalities such as torching of buildings, engaging in rape,defilement ” he added



Kenyans living in the diaspora have rejected President William Ruto’s plans to engage the public through the recently announced National Multi-Sectoral Forum and instead want the Head of State to speak directly to Gen Zs in the country.

In a harsh letter to the Kenyan government, they accused President Ruto of calling the Gen Z who took part in the protests criminals in what they said was an attempt to justify the excessive use of force by police officers that resulted in the deaths of many people.

On a previous tweet, Barasa made a public statement announcing his self-appointed role as Gen Z chairperson, despite the group’s expressed sentiment that they do not require a leader.

This bold move comes at a time when young people in Kenya have been increasingly vocal about their desire for representation and leadership within their demographic.

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