Baba Jimmy

Baba Jimmy, a white pastor who has been captivating Kenyans, especially on TikTok because of his fluency is Swahili, flavoured with Luhya accent, has come out to defend his wife who has been facing trolls, over her modest way of dressing.

Mama Jimmy dons clothes that are not revealing and is always covering her hair.

After their relocation to US, a section of netizens have been pressuring her to opt for a modern way of dressing and ditch the head cover as well.

Clapping back at critics, Baba Jimmy posed the question, “Je wewe unaanika mwili wako mbele ya watu?”

In the TikTok video, he further said that while running errands with his wife in a supermarket, they met two strangers who told Mama Jimmy that they loved her dressing.

“She was wearing a long dress that was covering her body well,” Baba Jimmy said.

He didn’t mince his words, while condemning those who like wearing revealing clothes.

“Unataka kila mtu aone jinsi mwili yako ilivyo. Atleast kama umeoleka ama unataka kuoleka siku moja bakisha kitu atleast bwana afurahie. Si kila kitu kutembeza watu waone mwili vile iko,” he said.

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Days ago, the couple was however forced to clarify if they belong to the Amish religion, because of Mama Jimmy’s way of dressing.

“We are not Amish,” Mama Jimmy said while her husband added that, “Many of you are looking at the cloths, dressing and concluding we are Amish. Let me tell you, if we were Amish, we wouldn’t be even having phones, cars, electricity. We are neither Amish nor Mennonite, we are followers of Jesus Christ. We don’t have a religion, we just follow what the Bible says.”


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