Paul Ongili Owino, popularly known as Babu Owino, the Member of Parliament for Embakasi East Constituency, has thrown his support behind comedian Eric Omondi, suggesting that he should run for a parliamentary seat in the 2027 general elections.

In his address, Babu Owino praised Eric Omondi for his dedication to helping Kenyan citizens.

“Huyu kijana wetu Eric Omondi, tumesumbuana na yeye na anasaidia wanainchi wa Kenya na huyu ni mtu ambaye anafaa awe mjumbe in 2027,” said Babu.

Babu Owino’s endorsement comes with a clear plan for Omondi’s political future when he said.

“Kwa hivyo, Eric by 2026, tutakupatia constituency yako kule Nairobi na niko na uhakika ya kwamba Eric atakuwa mjumbe in 2027,” Owino continued.

This showed his confidence in Eric Omondi’s win to be a member of parliament during the 2027 election.

The Embakasi East MP also highlighted the collaborative efforts with fellow MPs to support rising political figures. “Saa hizi tumeshikana na ndugu yetu Jalaas, ndugu yetu kama MC Jesse na wakina Terence,” he stated.

This endorsement is likely to change the political landscape as it introduces a new dynamic with popular media personalities and creatives entering the political arena.

Eric Omondi, known for his vibrant personality and significant influence, could bring a fresh perspective to Kenyan politics. This is evident as he was the first person to protest against the controversial finance bill 2024.

With the support of established politicians like Babu Owino and a growing fan base, Omondi’s potential candidacy will be one to watch in the 2027 general elections.

The public however didn’t stay quiet on the matter as many were in support of Eric Omondi’s entry into the political journey.

” MP is too small for Eric we want to feel his effect all over Kenya.” This suggested that Eric Omondi should be the president.

Others on the other hand didn’t like this stating that politics will corrupt the selfless Eric Omondi just like it did the famous investigative journalist Mohamed Ali popularly known bt his investigative work as Jicho Pevu.

“Politics is contagious. Akiingia atakua tu kama wao. Mumesahau Moha Jicho Pevu used to expose cartels and now he’s one of them.”

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