CNN journalist Larry Madowo is facing backlash for allegedly betraying other journalists who were also covering protests in Nairobi CBD on Thursday.

According to the journalists, Larry denied knowing them, making the police to descend on them with batons

“Larry ametuuza kwa makarao, hio sio pio,” they lamented as he approached them.

The journalists did not shy from giving him a piece of their mind.

“What you did is not good Larry. We have been beaten by police because of you. We have said that we are with you and you are saying that you are not with us,” they told him off.

Attempts to defend himself however proved futile, and he opted to walk away, but the journalists continued to bash him.

“But ni sawa tu Larry haina shida. Unauza journalists wengine. We are your people. You could say am with them. Larry that is not good, mbona unatutoka,” they said.

In a separate video, one of the journalists who seemed to have faced the full wrath of the police, however said that they will one day reach Larry’s level.

“Tumesimama na Larry pale halafu Larry ananitoka kwa polisi anasema hatuwajui na tulikuwa mbogi ya majournalist, wengi hapo tunarecord. Makarao wanatufukuza juu Larry, sijui ni juu Larry ni jina kubwa ama nini, sasa wamemwacha Larry group ya majournalist wengine tumekimbikiza. Hata kama hatujui si sisi tunarecord vile yeye anarecord. Tutafika penye Larry amefika sijui ni CNN, tutafika huko na sisi,” the angry cameraman said.

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