While attending the launch of Buy Simu, socialite Amber Ray defended her husband, against claims of being broke.

The couples took to their social media to announce their new home in Syokimau and because of that, rumours had it that Kennedy Rapudo, also known as Tajiri, was running broke, with others wondering if he could still keep up with his wife’s expensive life style.

Amber who is known for the flashy city lifestyle has left netizens concerned about whether she would adopt to life in the outskirts of the city.

“People will always say a lot of stuff but I don’t care what people are saying as long as  we are happy and living our best lives, you known you can’t please everyone,” she said.

Amber has rubbished the claims, adding that she is currently a  home owner and she doesn’t  pay rent .

“And another thing nimefika stage I think it’s high time i stop paying rent m,”she said and further advised those aspiring to be future home owners to believe more in God’s timing .

Amber also noted that their Syokimau house isn’t her dream house stating that she is still aspiring to own her dream house that would resemble a castle in Machakos,  on top of the hills majorly because she loves view.

She also added that if  she gets enough money she would permanently relocate from Nairobi .

“Even saa hizi, yeah i mean if you have money you have chopper unakuja Nairobi any time unataka,” she said.

Amber Ray who has been among the most established socialites in kenya also revealed that her age and responsibility towards her growing family are major factors influencing her relocation.

“I’ve lived my best life in Nairobi i think nimesha touch any area that i would love to live in Nairobi so saa  hizi i dont mind like ku relocate kwenda unajua pia tunaenda na age utafika mahali you dont want hii kelele mingi and all,” she explained.

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