In Pictures circulating online, A man found himself heartbroken after his close friend  allegedly ran off with his beautiful fiancée.

Unbeknownst to him, his friend was seen innocently capturing moments  with his phone at their extravagant engagement celebration.

In another picture the said friend is captured happily hugging his friend’s fiancée.

Little did he suspect that this same friend would betray him by stealing away his beloved partner.

As the images circulate widely on social media, stirring strong reactions, the devastated man is left to grapple with the painful aftermath of this shocking betrayal.

@randanje: Do not let your fiance stop you from getting your love of your life

@mildred_odera: Sometimes God introduces you to your bf so that you can meet your soulmate

@angiro_leo: She used to give her a shoulder to lean on after heartbreaks

@ree_ree_aye: But SI ni nyinyi mlisema a good woman is stolen from a careless man ama😂😂😂😂

@m_sheenah: Fake rumor spreads like wildfire ehh! Canary and Sasha are my personal friends. The gentleman carrying Sasha is called Andrew (he is like a father figure to Canary) and that photo is from way back, weeks after Canary and Sasha were engaged and preparing their wedding. Mr. Andrew Mwenda is also happily married. There’s no snakes anywhere. Check facts before getting on social media rumor bandwagon.

Replying to the comment above one user wondered why they were inappropriately bugging if the woman is engaged.

@polarhoda: so what ur saying…Andrew is a father figure to Canary( the man)….n he is here hugging the daughter in law like that….? Okay….we have heard you.

What you need to know:

Love lost. Many times we’ve heard people crying about how they lost their partner to a best friend saying ‘he stole my girl or she stole my man’. But can the human heart be stolen?

people who have fallen prey to the snatching game often suffer more consequences than the snatcher.

They suffer Heartbreak, wastage of their time, money and betrayal from both parties, that is their partners and their friend.

To some the blow is hard that it affects their future relationships. Experts then advice that such a person should seek advice and openly talk about their betrayal so that they can heal their wounds.


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